How to Talk About Being Gluten Free (Without Being “Like That”)

About Miri Pizann

Miri Pizann is a Gluten Free Coach and Consultant. In 2013, Miri found out she had to go gluten-free, and threw herself into learning as much as she could about what gluten is and how to avoid it. She was dismayed to discover how little the general public knew about food allergies, and set about educating her friends, family, and even her employers on how to accommodate, not only herself, but anyone with medical food restrictions, in order to build stronger community bonds. Her mission now is to help folks step into their new gluten free lives feeling knowledgeable and ready for a new adventure!

About Andie Kantor

Andie Kantor helps people feel good inside and out with her business, which offers gluten free, dairy free, halal, and kosher makeup, skin care, and supplements.  She chose to work with Arbonne because their products do not interfere with her MTHFR condition, which includes the need to be gluten free since 2017.  Andie is also a school librarian in south Los Angeles.  Her mission is to help people live their happiest and healthiest life.

Key Points About Our Chat
  • What can you do at a restaurant to make sure that your needs get met
  • The best approach to eating at someone else’s home
  • The safest approach to family/friendly gatherings
Featured Freebie
  • Keep using your old recipes​ with minor substitutions
  • ​Learn the BEST coatings for fried foods–better than wheat flour!
  • Find the best replacements for flour in soups, roux, pie fillings and more!

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