Shiny Buckeyes and Easy Tempering

When I was a kid, my grandma made some many wonderful foods. Like, her main dishes were okay, but she excelled at desserts.

My favorites of hers were chocolate chip cookies, apple butter, and buckeye candies.

(That reminds me. I need to go buy a bucket of apples and make some apple butter. But I digress.)

My challenge with making any kind of chocolate candies has been the tempering process. That’s how you make the chocolate shiny and it has a definitive -snap- when you break it.

I’ve watched a bunch of different videos on different techniques for tempering, but for most of them, I don’t have the patience. Heat it to this temp, then lower it to this temp, then heat it back up and THEN use it.

Are you kidding me? I use a microwave and chocolate chips. And don’t tell me about how chocochips aren’t good for this kind of candy making. They work FINE. Enjoy Life chocochunks for the win! (Affiliate link: find them here.)

Anyway. The fast and dirty method for tempering is to melt 75% of your chocolate pieces nice and smooth and melted—and then add the other 25% as small pieces to the already melted stuff. Make sure the last additions are well tempered, not mushy.

So I did that and put my chocolate in molds with some candied peanut butter filling.


The Star Wars ones came out tempered too, but I didn’t realize the molds are textured, so there’s no way they’ll ever look shiny but they still have the -SNAP-.

I’m so thrilled!

And they’re yummy, too.